Guiding you in achieving your unlimited potential.

                  You were born to thrive!

                                                       Are you burnt out

                                                       from living behind

                                                     the mask you project

                                                          to the world?

                          Is something stopping you from being the best version of yourself

                                                      and living your best life?


                                                            I CAN HELP YOU

           " Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"  

                                                            *William Shakespeare*


When you change your thoughts, then your thoughts change your life!



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                 Natural,  Knowledge, Grace, ExpertiseHypnotist, Luxury, 

                         Love for Nature, Freedom, Aromatherapy, Purity, 

                        Unique, Trust, Educated, Love life, Experience,  .... 


    International Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, CBT, NLP and mindset  coach ....  passionate about bringing you information, advice, and a recovery programme to help you to heal, transform and live a balanced life you deserve in general. 



                              I would be honoured to help you find freedom


                                          A better Work / Life Balance



          Also many conditions may be helped with my programme and RTT 

 *Toxic & Unhealthy relationships​              *Self-Love, Self-Belief, Self-Worth.                 * Attracting and sustaining love
 * Confidence & self-esteem                     * Infertility and birth                                       * Conception & IVF success
                                                                       Mental Well Being
*  Anxiety & Depression.                                 * Guilt & Shame                                        * Fear & limiting beliefs
* Addictions (Sugar, Smoking, Drinking, Shopping)                * Grief & Insomnia                   
* Weight management (weight  control, anorexia, bulimia)
                                                                       Peak Performance
* Exercise                                                    * Motivation                                                * Sport Performance
* Goal-setting                                             * Improving memory                                * Exam success
* Tapping into your life purpose            * Work / life balance                                 * Money Blocks
* Public Speaking                                      * Imposter Syndrome                               * Rewire yourself for Success
                                                                          Physical issues
*Migraines                                          * Pain Management                            * Cellular regeneration and healing
* Eczema                                             * Asthma                                                * Type 2 Diabetes
* Autoimmune Disorders
* Fibromylgia 
                                       *Current Life, Past life and Future regressions*

           Be the change that you wish to see in the world
                           -Mahatma Gandhi-

About Elena



Hello,  Welcome to my website,


My name is  Elena and I am a  Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner ( RTT) , Hypnotherapist  and mindset coach.


I am fascinated by anything to do with the mind and human behaviour - why we do and think the way that we do.  My passion is exploring the dynamics of how we interact, both with ourselves and others in our lives and looking at the ways in which we can improve and lead more fulfilling and successful lives. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Hypnotherapy are an incredibly effective way to do this and gain a greater understanding of who we are with the aim of being better versions of ourselves, to make positive choices and to feel fulfilled by the lives we lead. 


When I found RTT, I can’t express how excited I was to find a therapy that combined many of the tools I was already using, in an incredibly effective, deep, quick, transformative way. RTT and Hypnotherapy  is for everyone any age  who are struggling with an issues and is 100% motivated to change and free themselves.

I personally have had amazing results with the following issues:

* Sleep, migraines

* Self esteem/ Self love/Self-worth 

* Money blocks/ Success 



Even though I have had great successes with the themes above, I love working with any issue and RTT and Hypnotherapy are wonderfully equipped to transform any problem.


I love people and I truly love to to inspire, empower and liberate people and make them aware of the potential and wisdom they really have. I strive to help them overcome any blockages in the way of their best potential or to heal any unresolved emotions that might still be in the way of their happiness.


I use RTT , Hypnosis and other tools  because of its effectiveness and how fast you achieve results. RTT and hypnosis are a gentle and powerful therapy that uses hypnosis, memory regression, neuro-linguistic and other psychotherapy tools to support you in achieving your dreams. 


I have been trained as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist under its founder, Marisa Peer, and continue to widen my knowledge with ongoing professional development in  Psychology, RTT, Hypnotherapy, also I studied Nutrition at Sport University and become a Sport coach and  also completed courses of wisdom of  Meditating and Breathing technique's. And  I use all these tools and more for my clients to achieve successful transformation and results. 


I am looking forward to meeting you and supporting you in the process of rewiring your mind and setting yourself free so you transform and have that magic balance in your life.!


I offer Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Hypnotherapy and mindset coaching both face to face and online.  I am available for face to face sessions in Wokingham( 15 miles surrounding area) and also provide online sessions via Zoom to clients both nationally and internationally. 

With Love,


If you have any questions,       email me!

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                                 What to expect from your free 20-30 minute discovery call:

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  • This is an informal opportunity for us to get to know each other a little. You’ll be able to ask me any questions you have about RTT, my programme sessions and my packages and how they work and sound me out to enable you to make an informed decision about what’s best for you.

  • It’s also an opportunity for you to tell me more about what you’d like my help with. I’ve helped people from all walks of life with many differing issues. As appropriate, I can share examples of how I’ve helped others through similar issues and let you know how my therapeutic or coaching services will best serve you.

  • Discovery calls last for around 20-30 minutes and take place online via Zoom so that we can see each other face to face. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a phone call, and are based in the UK, we can hold your discovery call via the telephone.

                           Ready to change your life

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Wokingham, Berkshire, UK – However, I work with clients all over the world via  Zoom/Skype. The results are just as effective as in person visits.




For information, inquiries, feedback, event booking and sessions with Elena please use the contact form above. I respond within 24 hours, so if you haven’t heard from me, check your spam folder.

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