Birth chart readings

 Your Birth chart, with its zodiac sign and planets, captures the precise moment in time when you were born. In fact, horoscope literally means "hour watcher", an observation of the hour of birth.
This snapshot the celestial bodies frozen in time yours for life, and it will give you a lifetime information.
This language of symbols describes your life fullest potential.
Each Birth chart has a distinct blueprint, so I translate you your chart pattern, providing force in your life.
If you ever wondered what would be the best career choice or life path, or your purpose in life?! I can give you understanding and its like discovering a secret map that will lead you on an exciting journey.
And, like the circle that has no beginning and no end,
Your journey of self-discovery is an ever unfolding adventure! 

                                    Birth chard readings include: 
      * Your potential, your talent and personal unique characteristics
     * The core of your personality (how to use your uniqueness and compensate tension)
    * Your true motivations (partnerships, family, children, success in society)
    *Career, Money, self-expression, relationships, 
Purpose, Karmic lessons of your Soul


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