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I had suffered with PMDD for two years when I found Elena's website. I had not had hypnosis before and was apprehensive about how it would work. But as nothing else I had tried had helped I decided to speak to Elena to find out more about RTT and I am so glad that I did! Elena talked me through everything and put me at ease straight away. This was the best investment in myself I have ever made. My life has changed so much so quickly. After one session my PMDD symptoms are almost non existent and I feel happier, more relaxed and more confident than I ever have. I can't put into words the relief I feel now that I no longer have to live with the emotional anguish of PMDD hanging over me. Working with Elena has given me my life back and I would highly recommend her to anyone. 


Caroline, UK

Hi Elena, I just want to say you are a miracle! Thank you for your help in healing my deepest issues You are truly amazing, and I feel so happy and free! 
Dorothy, Oxfordshire
I have been  to town and back, had branch. Thought about chocolate and thought "Actually, I don't want it!" Had coffee but that still did not start a chocolate craving as it would have done. I definitely feel a change in my thinking, DROPPED a FEW POUNDS and generally feel so much better! A success! Thank you so much, I will love you forever!
Maria, Wales
It was my first hypnosis and I was a little worried before hand, but Elena totally put me at ease and I found it very pleasant and relaxing experience! Elena was very professional and the Treatment has worked. I have been to big parties and festivals and no urge at all...quite the opposite. I am delighted....I am FREE from SMOKING! Thank you Elena x
Rosalyn, Cotswolds
Elena, you are such a kind and beautiful therapist! I am so thankful that I met you! I would highly recommend  RTT and Elena to  everyone!
Kali, Hampshire UK
I used to have a habit to drink a glass of wine getting back from work, then another one with dinner and another one after children would go to sleep. Also when I was socialising with friends I didn't have control as when to stop. It started to affect my wellbeing. After session with Elena, I don't have that need to "relax" with glass of wine and I choose to DRINK OCCASIONALLY  and also know when to stop...Generally feel healthier and happier. Its amazing.
Noemi, Manchester
Hi Elena, I wanted to say that the recording is amazing, you really did capture everything in such detail. Your voice is so calming .... Even when I haven’t been listening to it, I can hear your voice....it is so reassuring, encouraging and transforming  I listened to the recording consistently and it made me feel so much better!
Lucy, South East UK




" Before Elena introduced me to the idea of RTT hypnotherapy, I was suffering with ANXIETY. It had surfaced itself after the loss of my partner suddenly eight weeks before our wedding. This was 7 years ago. I hadn’t realised how bad my anxiety was until now that it’s gone.
This is all thanks to Elena!
I had been too anxious to take my dog for a walk, I was feeling overwhelmed at work, I wasn’t productive, I wasn’t sleeping properly. I didn’t like myself in anything I tried on before leaving the house, I just felt like I wasn’t coping.
The worst part was having a constant feeling of dread, waking up in the morning it was there, going to sleep it was there. I couldn’t seem to shake it off. I’d practised mindfulness, seen a grief counsellor, tried a gratitude journal. All of which helped but didn’t get rid of the dread and worry.
If only I had been brave enough to try RTT hypnotherapy before now. I can only describe it as something that has fixed me. I feel like I am back to “normal” and it feels amazing not to be filled with worry. I’m so much more productive, I remember more, I feel more confident, I feel brilliant and like a different person. 
Since my session with Elena I have been confident at work, walking the dog, attending yoga sessions by myself. I have signed up for a 10K run, I feel like I’m a better teacher, I don’t feel frazzled, I’m sleeping brilliantly.
I feel like Elena has worked a miracle on me. 

Thank you so much Elena for changing my life. 💕 I would recommend anybody to you in a heartbeat."

Louise, Berkshire


I had a session with Elena in March 2020 to help with ATTRACTING CLIENTS.  I am a fairly new business and have been struggling with finding clients who would not only benefit from my counselling services, but would also be able to pay the fees which would allow me to sustain a viable income.  I would have said prior to the session that I was fairly confident, but found the session surprising in yielding up inner conflicts of which I had been unaware.  Elena is a perceptive and intuitive guide.  She is also a good listener, a quality which I would cite as crucial in her role as therapist.   I feel a deep-seated difference in my energy and really appreciate the depth and subtlety of the method.  Best of all, a client of mine from six months back contacted me out of the blue this last week to tell me how much she appreciated her counselling session and that she would recommend me to others.  I would definitely recommend Elena for an experience that reaches to the core and brings the most positive results.  


Arlene L., London, March 2020


I find Elena to be truly genuine spirit. She cares deeply for her clients and ensures she is a her best so she can give of her best. Her client comes first and gives her full attention to what you need. She was very attentive during my session and addressed a number of issues that I didn't even realize were the root cause. She kept going at it and lovingly guided me to the root cause of my issues and helped me through it. I didn't like it but she knew I needed to go there to heal. I learnt so much about myself from this session. She guided me to find the root cause, she helped me address the root cause(s) and release a great deal of pain that I didn't even know was there. I am taking my healing process day by day and thanks to her I can continue along stronger than before. Also a great deal lighter with less baggage. Thank you Elena. You are special. 

Peter, South Africa


RTT or Rapid Transforming Therapy with Elena was the best thing I ever did for myself. I tried a lot of different therapies to fix the same problem, but I didn't get any results that would satisfy me. With one session with Elena my problem start to slowly melt like ice on the sun. Everyday, I can see new changes in me. I Feel more Safe and Secure, I feel more Lovable and Enough. The recording which I got after the session to listen is so brilliant way to keep your progress more deeper. And Elena's calm and beautiful voice will make it even easier and better to listen it 21 days. It was such a great journey, and I can't even think what amazing opportunities are waiting for me. So excited! Thank you Elena! 💖

Marija, Belgrade, Serbia




Hello my name is Lotte,

I worked with Elena on SELFLOVE and it was an amazing session.

A lot of change happened and also a lot of emotions and patterns i had became clear.

To know the cause of my issue was a release!

Elena is a very sweet and kind person. I felt a good connection when we first talked.

I am very grateful to have this opportunity and feel that things are still changing in a good way.

Elena is an amazing therapist who is very empathic and understanding!

I really want to thank her for everthing and i know you will help so many people


Kind regards Lotte, Belgium


“I received an online RTT session by Elena for my BLOCKS on SUCCESS and MONEY.

i was unable to achieve important success goals for months, i couldn’t focus on my study, had difficulty to concentrate and to focus. i had to reach out to Elena, as i saw i was going down into negative thoughts. She reminds me of the actress Meryl Streep for her comforting aura.

During the hypnosis, Elena made me feel safe and very relaxed. After the session, I felt calm and relax despite having to deal parallelly with a stressful personal situation but that same evening i received, out of the blue, a job offer, the next morning, i got accepted for a loan, two days later i pass my exam and got certified and it just keeps on going since then! It was a phenomenal experience, i highly recommend Elena, listening to her it’s like a massage for the soul!


Isabelle B. Quebec, Canada


AMAZING!!! I cant recommend Elena highly enough. The care and kindness was fantastic.Follow up calls keep you on top of it and boost your moral. Such a great programme. It helped me get though a tough period immensely.


Thank you so much,

Kevin, Berkshire, UK


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