We can effectively work through the issues (which are old outdated beliefs from childhood that are still running) that easily come to your awareness in subconscious mind so that you can process, understand, heal and rewire, more beneficial, healthy beliefs and habits.
Your mind holds the information you need to understand the cause of what holding you back and RTT ensures you find it quickly and easily. Understanding is power and understanding in hypnosis is the most phenomenal power!
*Narcissistic abuse
*Toxic & Unhealthy relationships
*Self-Love, Self-Believe, Self-Worth
* Attracting and sustaining love
* Confidence & self-esteem
* Infertility and birth
* Conception & IVF success
Mental Well Being
* Confidence & self-esteem
*  Anxiety & Depression
* Guilt & Shame
* Fear & limiting beliefs
* Addictions (sugar, smoking, drinking,        shopping)
* Weight management (weight control, anorexia, bulimia)
* Grief & Insomnia
Peak Performance
* Exercise 
* Motivation
* Sport Performance
* Goal-setting
* Improving memory
* Exam success
* Tapping into your life purpose
* Work/life balance
* Money Blocks
* Public Speaking
* Imposter Syndrom
* Rewire yourself for success
Physical issues
* Pain Management
* Cellular regeneration and healing
* Eczema
* Asthma
* Type 2 Diabetes
* Fibromylgia 
* Autoimmune disorders
                                                                          *Past life regressions
* If your problem is not listed above, this does not mean I cannot help you. Book a free virtual coffee call and we can confidentially discuss your specific issue in a safe and trusting environment.

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